Extensive experience

Given their extensive experience, our Technical Superintendents can provide you with the best superintendency services.


They can work on-site from your office or work remotely from our office, assisting your team during a period of increased workload or during different projects.

Best practices

We will ensure that our work is done in full compliance with your company policy and procedures.

Work Experience

Our Technical Superintendents have experience of working in large shipping companies (both at sea and ashore) and they understand the needs of the ships as well as the requirements of the vessel owners.

  • Safety & Quality

    One of their main targets is to keep a balance between the both, maintaining the vessel’s expenses within projected budgets without compromizing on safety and quality

We can therefore assist you with all your operational and technical issues, control the operating budget of your vessels, arrange and monitor ongoing maintenance, purchasing and prepare your next project/major maintenance period, liase with the vessel’s Master and Chief Engineer and assisting them technically as required.